The Facility

The University of Limerick is an internationally recognised Olympic Sporting Campus, and our all new Climbing wall is the only purpose built wall in Ireland with the Olympics as a focal point of the design. In 2016 it was announced that climbing would be included in the Olympics in a combined format.

  • Bouldering
  • Lead Climbing
  • Speed climbing

Test your strength, strategy, flexibility and power to sustain a climb to the top of the tallest wall in Ireland at a staggering 18m in length. The UL Sport Climbing Wall offers all three disciplines so you train your Olympic endurance. Set in accordance with Olympic Standard our 15m Speed Wall is equipped with a IFSC approved CT2 Timer specifically designed for the Olympic.

Reza Alipour Shenazandifar holds the men’s with 5.48 seconds

Aries Susanti Rahayu holds the women’s with 6.995 seconds.

Can you reach the top?

At 18m high nowhere else in Ireland will you find vertical routes this long to scale Indoors. The high wall coupled with the technical aspect of the routes will provide a level of complexity you won’t find elsewhere. Challenge yourself to reach the top of the wall. It will require strategy, patience and a sustained level of endurance.

Speed Wall:

Speed climbing is the only discipline uniquely focused on competition. In line with the University’s Olympic Sports campus we now have an IFSC Certified Speed Wall. The Speed wall is a standardised route set worldwide and will be used in the upcoming Olympic Games. Harness your speed and strength and aim to hit the timer as fast as possible. Perfect for solo training as the auto belay keeps you safe and the CT2 timer allows you to reset the clock each time. Try it on your own or take turns racing each other up the wall. Make sure to log your time on our Speed Wall Leaderboard for the chance to grab a free climbing session each month.


Bouldering is one of the quickest and simplest ways to kickstart you’re climbing with minimal equipment and no climbing partner required. Bouldering problems are short and un-roped but no less challenging. With our routes from V0 to V8 on vertical slabs and in our cave area there is a bouldering problem for everyone. Solve them in your own time or work through them with your crew for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our experienced instructors will get you started and you will leave the wall confident to return again and boulder independently. Otherwise, if you are an experienced bouldering just rock up and jump on.

Top Rope Climbing:

Top-roping climbing is every climbing first introduction to rope work. The climber is securely attached to a rope that passes through a fixed anchor and is then controlled by a second or climbing partner. Once done correctly it is a safe, fun & thrilling challenge.  Climbing with a partner you have plenty of routes to choose from. Our routes have been set with inclusivity in mind.  Experienced climbers can improve their technique safely before moving on to climb more difficult routes or before they start leading. All of our routes are clearly marked and colour coded under each line. And if you ever not sure about a route just ask a member of staff.

Lead Climbing:

Lead climbing is a style of climbing used on ice, rock and indoor walls. The climbers harness is tied to their rope, and rather than the rope moving to a fixed anchor above them, they climber themselves places their rope through protective anchors as they ascend. Our lead routes are long and steep. The UL Sport Climbing wall incredible selection of lead climbing routes to choose from.

We have 39 lines with 74 routes ranging from 3+ to 7b. Our professionally set routes include overhangs and technical moves for you to focus your mind as you navigate to the top.

If you haven’t tried leading yet but would like to increase your skillset we offer Learn to lead courses. Our qualified instructors will guide you through the safest approach and techniques so you can become a confident independent lead climber.


The Auto-Belay is a safe and efficient way to train on routes without the need for a climbing partner. Auto Belays have many positive applications. It’s a great way for beginners to start on more vertical routes; they also give advance climbers the chance to train harder & faster by themselves. The UL Sport Climbing Wall has a total of 3 auto belays. Our instructors will ensure you are familiar with how to safely clip on before you climb.

Our auto belays are professionally installed and in line with TRUBLUE Auto-Belay CE certification. Suitable for ages 10+