In order to maximise your team’s potential you must know where their fitness levels currently lie. As a result the Sports Science team here at the UL Sport Arena offers tailored packages of tests to monitor and progress your teams fitness.

Experienced and qualified staff in the UL Sport Arena can recommend appropriate tests for your team. We can modify any of these services to suit your requirements and budget. The results are accompanied with a complete breakdown and analysis of scores achieved in each area.

We can carry out tests to measure flexibility and movement, strength, power, speed and agility and energy systems efficiency and we can also carry out practical sessions and educational seminars.

Some Sample Itinerary’s for your Team (These can be catered to fit your team)

Sample Itinerary One

  • Fitness Testing
  • Nutrition seminar
  • Lunch
  • Pitch session with your own staff
  •  Aqua Jogging

Sample Itinerary Two:

  • Fitness Testing
  • Psychology Seminar
  • Lunch
  • Speed and Agility session
  • Team Building session on the pitches
  • Recovery swim

Sample Itinerary Three

  • Fitness Testing
  • Foam Rolling/Mobility session
  • Lunch
  • Strength Training practical/Bootcamp or other fitness session e.g. kettlebells/circuit training/strongman training
  • Pre and Post Match nutrition seminar

Please contact [email protected] or 061-234107 for further information.