The Sports Pitches Development at University of Limerick consist of synthetic all weather pitches and a natural turf pitch. The synthetic all weather pitches extend to an approximate total area of 35,000m2 and accommodate two (2) full size GAA pitches or six (6) soccer pitches. The natural turf pitch measure approximately 150m x 100m and can be used by all field sports. The development also include two (2) hurling walls, flood lighting associated with all pitches, access roads, coach parking/set down, site services and associated site development works, irrigation systems and landscaping. The project also includes the refurbishment and re-surfacing of the existing 400m, eight (8) lane all weather running track and ancillary facilities adjacent to the UL Arena.

The site for the Sports Pitches Development is ‘Maguires Field’ located on the University of Limerick South Campus. The site for the Sports Pitches Development is located adjacent to the existing UL Arena and all weather running track and Kilmurry Village Student Residences.

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