1.1 Membership grants the right to use and enjoy the facilities of UL Sport Arena in accordance with UL Sport Rules and Regulations as they may change from time to time.

1.2 No persons under 16 years of age can purchase a membership without a parent or guardian purchasing the membership

1.3 Partners, spouses or family members of UL students and staff must present the University of Limerick identification card of the UL student or staff member when applying for membership as a result of their relationship with the UL student or staff.

1.4 The UL Sport Health Status Questionnaire must be completed and signed by all new or renewing applicants in advance of using UL Sport Arena’s facilities.

1.5 It is assumed that unless the member gives one month’s notice of membership termination, that it is their intention to renew membership at the published rates and membership categories.

1.6 Membership can be frozen for a minimum of one month and up to a maximum of three months.


2.1 If a member’s direct debit is returned at any time, the member will be required to pay the entire outstanding membership balance in cash.


3.1 The member expressly agrees that all use of UL Sport Arena’s facilities, exercise equipment, exercise machines etc., is undertaken by the member or member’s guest at his/her sole risk. The member further agrees that UL Sport Arena is not liable for any injuries or damage to any member, guest or casual user, or property of any member, guest or casual user. The member agrees that the Arena is not liable to members, guest or casual users for articles damaged, lost or stolen in or about the Arena, or in its lockers, or for loss or damage to any property including, but not limited to automobiles and the contents thereof.


4.1 A member of UL Sport Arena is permitted to bring guests with them to use the facilities. Guests must pay the appropriate casual user fees. The member bringing the guests will be held responsible for the conduct of those persons.


5.1 Smoking is not permitted in any area of UL Sport Arena at any time.

5.2 Correct sporting apparel must be worn at all times; sport shoes, shirt and shorts as a minimum.

5.3 White soled or confirmed non-marking sports shoes must be worn at all times in the sports hall and aerobics studio.

5.4 No food or beverages are allowed into the sports components of the Arena (Water and Isotonic drinks are acceptable).

5.5 Towels are mandatory in the Health and Performance Centre and the NSCC (Clients will be asked to refrain from using equipment if no towel is present). Towels are available for sale at Reception.

5.6 Please have respect for all other clients of the Arena and Arena facilities. In cases of vandalism, inappropriate use of the Arena, or disruption to clients’ enjoyment of the Arena, membership rights may be revoked at the discretion of the Arena management.

5.7 All members participating in outdoor sports must change in the outdoor changing facilities adjacent to the Arena for that sport.

5.8 All lost property is kept for a maximum of three months.

5.9 Age Restrictions. In the interests of the health, safety and physical development of all members and users, the following age restrictions are in place. Access to the Health and Performance is restricted to persons of 14 years of age and over. Children under 13 years of age are not permitted in the sports hall, sprint track or jogging track unless they are there for specific children’s related activities which have the appropriate adult to child supervision (1/12), or they are at a highly controlled public event such as a basketball, or volleyball match.

5.10 Due to various events booked into the Arena, not all facilities and services may be available to members during these events.


6.1 Membership cards and the privileges associated with the membership are not transferable.

6.2 Membership cards must be produced at all times when entering the UL Sport Arena.


7.1 UL Sport Management as its see fit, reserves the right to amend and add to Membership Rules and Regulations and the Members shall observe any amended or additional conditions or rules.

7.2 UL Sport management reserves the right to revoke the membership and/or usage privileges of any member, guest or user who contravenes the UL Sport Arena’s rules and regulations and/or where it is in the interests of the UL Sport Arena generally and/or in the interests of safeguarding any and all members, guests and/or users.

7.3 On joining the UL Sport Arena the member automatically accepts and agrees to be bound by conditions of UL Sport Membership.

7.4 UL Sport reserves the right to refuse refunds for membership based on the information provided.