The National Strength and Conditioning Centre (NSCC) is a state of the art weight training facility situated within the University Arena Sports Complex. It is home to numerous teams including Munster Rugby. It is an exclusive training area equipped with functional and specialised equipment, and is over seen by expert and qualified personnel.

The N.S.C.C. is for the use of teams and groups rather than the general public and must be booked before use. In the NSCC your team can train together as a unit thereby encouraging camaraderie, team spirit and competitiveness without any waiting for equipment. This facility has hosted a wide variety of clients ranging from international teams to club teams and school groups. The NSCC can be booked on a once off or long term basis. You may provide your own instructor or we can provide one for you at an additional cost.

Teams who are in the Arena for a day linking with our Sports Performance Services  have the option of booking strength and conditioning orientation in the NSCC. This session will include demonstrations of the appropriate exercise techniques for optimum performance in your sport and a chance to try these exercises out. For maximum benefit your team should book a number supervised sessions in the N.S.C.C. so that the instructor can evaluate progress, monitor technique and make changes to the programme where necessary

For further information please look at the booking section or contact 061 234107 to speak to someone about the booking options available to you.

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