National 50M Swimming Pool


Our Swim Academy will cater for anyone of any ability. Total beginner or nervous adult? You are especially welcome to learn at your own pace in a relaxed environment and with others of a similar standard. Maybe you can already swim but need some work on your stroke technique? Or perhaps you’d like to get faster for triathlon or open water swimming! No problem. Our team of qualified swim instructors and coaches will help you to become stronger and more efficient in the water. We are very pleased with our results in tutoring adults and children and we offer group classes, one to one, and two to one instruction.


From 3-6 year old’s Water Confidence

  • Able to kick legs on front and back with woggle
  • Able to stand with both feet flat on floor at 0.9m depth with chin fully over water

From Beginners 1 to Beginners 2

Able to swim front and back paddle, with no floats at least 10m distance.
Must be able to comfortably stand with chin above water in dept of 3 feet/0.9m

From Beginners 2 to Older Beginners

  • Able to swim front and back paddle, with no floats at least 10m distance

From Older Beginners to Improvers

  • Able to swim front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke legs on back
  • Able to swim through a submerged hoop
  • Able to do a star float front or back

From Improvers 1  to Improvers 2

  • Able to swim Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Breast stroke arms & legs

From Improver 2 to Improver deep

  • Able to tread water for at least 25 seconds in deep water
  • Able to swim 15m in deep end non stop in any stroke

From Improvers deep to Improver/Advanced

  • Able to swim Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Breast stroke arms & legs
  • Able to tread water for at least 50 seconds in the deep end
  • Able to swim 25m in deep end non-stop in any stroke
  • Able to throw a ring buoy/rope throw

From Improver/Advanced to Advanced

  • Able to swim 25m Front Crawl non-stop
  • Able to swim 20m Back Crawl and Breaststroke
  • Able to swim 5m Butterfly leg kick
  • Able to swim to/near to bottom of deep end of pool
  • Able to do a simple voice contact rescue
  • Able to do a sitting dive and head/feet first surface dive

From Advanced to Advanced Lane Level 1

  • Able to swim Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Breaststroke very well
  • Able to swim distance;150m in under 8 minutes, non stop in one stroke
  • Able to swim Butterfly leg kick
  • Able to do a kneeling dive
  • Able to do a tumble turn


Swim Inc (Swim Inclusive) is a programme for 5-10 year old children with disabilities in the Limerick area. It is developed to teach skills conducive to participating in adapted sports sessions in a fun and supportive environment.

Swim Inc arose from a need identified by a local Physiotherapist and Sports Scientist, both of whom specialise in adapted physical activity and have working knowledge of what is available in Limerick for this target group.

Our Swim Development Co-ordinator, Ciara O’ Sullivan has worked with this initiative since it commenced and now oversees the programme. Students of the Physical Education and Sports Science degree programmes volunteer to ensure that Swim Inc. continues to prove a great success.