National 50M Swimming Pool


Lifesaving classes are held in the UL Sport National 50M Swimming Pool and are organised by Limerick City Water Safety.

Please email [email protected] for further information.

Safety 1

For non-swimmers, basic simple rescues

Safety 2

Must be over 10, able to swim 50m front crawl & breaststroke

Safety 3

Must be over 11, have Safety 2, be able to swim 150m front crawl & breaststroke

Safety 4

Must be over 12, have Safety 3, be able to swim 200m front crawl & breaststroke

Endurance 1

Swim 1,100m including with clothes on, under obstacles

Rescue 1

Must be over 13, have Safety 4 & Endurance 1

Endurance 2

Swim 1,500m, including with clothes on, under obstacles

Rescue 2

Must be over 14, have Rescue 1 & Endurance 2

Rescue 3

Must be over 15, have Rescue 2

Pool Lifeguard

Must be over 16 and have Rescue 2 or Rescue 3