Fitness programmes are provided free of charge to all members of UL Sport. An appointment can be made at the reception desk in the health & Performance centre. Just inform us on what aspect of fitness or health you would like to work on and if you have any injuries or health conditions. Programmes are carried out on weekday mornings between 07:00 – 12:00 and during opening times on weekends. If this doesn’t suit please let us know.

During your assessment  we wIll design a programme to help you towards your goal which you can then bring with you around the gym on each subsequent visit. We will show you how to carry out these exercises with good technique and show you how to operate the equipment. Programmes can be updated as often as you would like. Ideally every six weeks.

Fitness programmes are designed to get you started on a good exercise routine, if you would like all of your sessions to be supervised, please see our Personal Training section.