‘Live Your Life is a new strength and conditioning course specifically designed for people in their pre or post retirement stage. The focus is to enhance every day physical performance and increase the quality at which you ‘Live Your Life’. For many, growing older seems to involve an inevitable loss of strength, energy and vigour, but it need not be so. One of the best ways to fight weakness and frailty is through strength training.  Strength training can;

  • Increase the strength of your muscles.
  • Maintain the integrity of your bones.
  • Improve balance, coordination, and mobility.
  • Improve sleep, boost energy and improve overall wellbeing.
  • Reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic diseases.

Classes will be exclusive in the NSCC Weights Facility (UL Sport Arena Top Floor) ,making it more comfortable for anybody who is anxious about being in a busy gym environment.

Classes will cater for all fitness levels, from beginners to those of you that are actively exercising in your daily lives. All exercises will be tailored to the individual, helping you to gradually progress from where you are at right now.

This is a great opportunity for you to get rid of those niggling aches and pains that effect you during your daily routines, and help you ‘Live Your Life’ the way you want!

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10.00. Four week course with two classes per week

For further information contact, Thomas Faherty on 061 234107 0r [email protected]