Are you motivated enough to achieve your goals? Do you need a push in the right direction?

Our personal trainers will add encouragement, motivation and accountability to your training. They will supervise you through a result driven and time efficient programme. Your progressions will be monitored and your trainer will ensure you complete each exercise with good technique thereby maximising training effects and preventing injury.

This service is especially suitable for beginners who are nervous in the gym, people who require a little extra motivation and athletes who wish to take their training to the next level. It is also very effective for people who are training but feeling they are not getting the results they should be for their efforts or for people who have a wedding or holiday in the near future that they would like to get in shape for.

Supervised practical sessions are available in the Health & Performance Centre, National Strength and Conditioning Centre, Fitness Studio, Indoor Jogging Track or on the 60 meter sprint track. Our trainers use a variety of training methods to help you achieve your goals. Your programme will be designed in consultation with you and may include strength training, cardio training, interval training, TRX training, boxing or a variety of other training styles. These sessions are fun but also get results.

Consultations take place in a private Consultation Room. Your Health isn’t part time so why not book a Personal Training Session during our extensive opening hours.


  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness and Toning
  • Strength Training
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Speed / Power Training
  • Kids and Teen Training Programmes
  • Olympic Weightlifting

Personal training is €40 for a one to one hour long appointment. We also offer express sessions which last 30 minutes and cost €25.

1:1 Personal Training: Receive a truly customised workout experience and train 1:1 with a UL sport personal trainer. Learn how to safely & effectively workout so you don’t waste time with little or no results. Your trainer will motivate you, track your progress & ensure you complete each exercise with good technique thereby maximising training effects and preventing injury. These sessions can be fun but will get you results.

Partner Training (Two Individuals): If you don’t like the idea of training on your own, why not get a friend and split the cost of training. A UL Sport personal trainer will work with you and your  partner to design a workout programme that will challenge both of you. These sessions are a great option that add an additional layer of motivation to your personal training.

Small Group Personal Training: Why not train with some friends or bring a couple of family members. Our UL Sport personal trainers will train up to four people at a time. You will still get plenty attention as the group is small and you also get the benefit of been motivated by your friends. The trainer can still include exercises that focus on the individual needs of each person however clearly in a group you wont get as much attention as the options above.

For further information or bookings contact the Health & performance Centre on 061 234 107 or email: [email protected] to make an appointment with one of our excellent Personal Trainers.